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Original American Rhythm & Harmony

Spyder Blue is an an original country, rhythm, and blues trio.

Bruce Gaims (guitar & vocals), David Fortin (stand-up and electric bass & vocals), and Todd Szabo (drums, percussion, and vocals) create a dense, energetic, roots flavored Americana sound and heat up houses wherever they go.   

Two songs from the band’s first full length CD, “Hard Drive”  and a follow-up single, “Open Range” received considerable airplay in Europe via Pharoah Records (Nashville).  The group plans to complete work its third CD project by the end of 2015. 

Spyder Blue has played venues and events all over the greater Los Angeles area, including Pershing Square, Dave's Bar, LA Arboretum, Hungry Hunter, The Crest, Universal Bar and Grill, Coffee Junction, NoHo and Tujunga Arts Festivals, Canyon Cycle Benefit, and many more.  The band uses a sizable mailing list to engender a decent throng of loyal fans on a regular basis.

The band’s shows are always exciting.  Horns, harps, and other players often sit in.  The Spyder Blue repetoire is mostly originals, with sharp, fresh takes on cover tunes.  The boys have great fun on stage and always provide an audience with a memorable, professional show.

 As a critic for one of L.A.’s leading musical trade papers declared, the band “goes for and achieves a timeless sound.”  Bruce, Dave, and Todd would hardly settle for less.  They share a sense of humor and a desire to give the world back as good as they get.